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ISO-9001:2015 Update

Guanghsing Industrial ISO 9001 Update

Update: Guanghsing REACH Declaration 2021 FEB

Latest REACH declaration 2021/FEB now available
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About Us
Guanghsing Industrial Co., Ltd is a premier IPC manufacturer providing OEM/ODM solutions, established in 1973 and based in Taiwan. Initially began cooperating businesses with Panasonic (National) Taiwan, focused on manufacturing components of audio devices and kitchenware.

Guanghsing later moved towards PC industry in 1983. Provides PC casing for Acer and was also the first to build AT version PC case in the PC component field.
After years of experience in CAD/CAM design tools, Guanghsing decided to produce our own design of 19” Rackmount Chassis for Industrial PC usage.
Until today, Guanghsing had successfully designed and produce large varieties of rackmount chassis ranging in application for server storage, wall mount, compact PCI enclosure for Industrial Automation, Networking, ISP, Video signage, as well as medical and military purposes.