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About Us

About Guanghsing

Established in 1972, Guanghsing located in the northern part of Taiwan, is one of the leaders in providing 19" Rackmount chassis, Storage, Wall Mount, and Compact PCI enclosures to Industrial Automation, Networking, ISP, Computer Telephony and Medical field. From custom designed rackmount chassis to our custom designed enclosures, Guanghsing products has been perennially recognized and well acknowledged by our customers as an Innovative, Top-Quality and Cost-Effective products.

By utilizing the advanced CAD/CAM design tools, Guanghsing's enclosures are one of the best cases available today. All of Guanghsing's in-house designed products are rugged, stable and made from premium quality steel. In order to ensure the quality and reduce total cost of ownership, Guanghsing documents every process and procedure to ensure that ISO is practiced and implemented throughout the whole operation.

Guanghsing is dedicated to putting the same level of commitment and care to producing customized products as we are to customer service. We have an ongoing relationship with all our customers to discuss and review materials and production planning. From designing to final assembly, Guanghsing has the capability to meet all customization requirements. In our 100,000+ square feet facility, manufacturing process is controlled by sophisticated equipment, well trained employees and each chassis is put through our strict Quality Management Team to ensure high standards and low failure rates. Our sales Team are always dedicated to the prompt service and our engineers provide adaptive solutions for all customers' needs.

We are here to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction!

Our facilities currently consist of these machineries:

Press Line:
Cross-Shaft Precision Press 25ton-250ton: 16 sets.
Shuttle Robot Line Precision Press 150ton: 6 sets.
Shuttle Robot Line Precision Press 200ton: 6 sets.
NCT: 2 Sets.
Laser Cutting: 1 Set
Press Brake: 6 Sets
Spot Welding Line:
Spot Welding Machine: 16 sets.
Cap Spot Welding Machine: 2 sets.
Multi-Spindle Spot Welding Machine: 2 sets.
Multi-Spindle Rivet Fastening Machine: 6 sets.

Assembly Line:
Assembly Line 30M: 3 lines.

Guanghsing is perpetually researching and developing innovative and cost effect methods to provide quality
products at reasonable pricing. We are striving forward in order to provide YOU with the latest technology.
Our goal is to deliver:

Quality Assured, Cost Effective Chassis Solutions

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